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Trev's Daily Report

SUNDAY 26th FEBRUARY 7am - 4-6ft+

Another messy affair on all the exposed beaches today folks with freshening cross onshore SSW winds.

The winds are set to strengthen up to gale force by this afternoon, so seeking shelter down at Putsborough will be a good call and the only option for a chance of a cleaner and more manageable wave.

Will Update if and when any changes occur:

BIG TIDES: 9m - HIGH: 5:45am - LOW: 11:55am - HIGH: 6:05pm:

FIRST LIGHT: 6:45am ~ LAST LIGHT: 6:35pm ~ SEA TEMP 9C

Daily Pic: Woolacombe Sunday 26th February 8:20am

Woolacombe Sunday 26th February 8:20am

Forecast - Tuesday 28th February

High: 07:08  9.5mLow: 13:08  0.4mHigh: 19:26  9.4m
  • 8-12ft
  • NW wind direction
  • 25+mph
  • 7c
  • 10s

Forecast - Wednesday 1st March

High: 07:47  9.6mLow: 13:46  0.4mHigh: 20:04  9.4m
  • 6-8ft
  • W wind direction
  • 15+mph
  • 8c
  • 9s

Forecast - Thursday 2nd March

High: 08:26  9.4mLow: 14:25  0.6mHigh: 20:43  9.2m
  • 4-6ft
  • W wind direction
  • 12+mph
  • 10c
  • 9s