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Trev's Daily Report

  1. FRIDAY 16th NOVEMBER 7am - 5-7ft+

  2. Some clean solid head to slightly overhead swell on tap this morning with light cross offshore SE winds.

  3. Looking good then folks but care and caution needs to be taken as the swell will continue to build into the weekend.

  4. Will update if and when any changes occur:

  5. TIDES: 6.7m: HIGH: 11:45am - LOW: 6:15pm:

  6. FIRST LIGHT: 7am ~ LAST LIGHT: 5pm ~ SEA TEMP: 13C

Forecast - Saturday 17th November

Low: 06:47  3.6mHigh: 13:11  6.8mLow: 19:28  3.3m
  • 8-10ft
  • E wind direction
  • 15mph
  • 12c
  • 15s

Forecast - Sunday 18th November

Low: 08:05  3.2mHigh: 14:20  7.2m
  • 8-12ft
  • E wind direction
  • 15+mph
  • 10c
  • 15s
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