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March 28, 2014
  1. FRIDAY 20th APRIL 7am – 2-4ft
  2. The North Devon Coast is shrouded in a thick and spooky sea mist, but I have been down to the shoreline and spoke with an out-coming local surfer of profound respect and experience and can confirm there are some still some clean fun waves to be had on the pushing tide with ultra light onshore sea breezes.
  3. Visibility is virtually down to zero folks so take extra care if you do venture out.
  4. Will Update if and when any changes occur:
  5. TIDES: 8.9m: HIGH: 9:40am – LOW: 3:40pm:
  6. FIRST LIGHT: 5:35am ~ LAST LIGHT: 9pm ~ SEA TEMP 9C:
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